House Plants

Whether you are working from home, setting up a new home or just looking to add a "little pick me up" something to your living space, then you can't go wrong with house plants.

The proven health benefits of plants in the home can not be underestimated as they purify the air in the most natural of ways.

It is the design skills of our team however that gives a helping hand as you choose the right plants for the best effect in your home and we are delighted to help with your styling choices.

You may even have a vase or pot that we can match with the perfect plant for that shady window sill or draughty corner.

Our stock of plants is ever changing as we source the very best at each season and below is just a sample of what we may have available.

Just give us a call on 01250 873237 to check our current availability.

Or even better pop into our shop to see what we have or can order in for you.

House Plants