SME Award Winner 2020 - Something Special Flowers


Officially Announced - SME News' Scottish Enterprise Awards 2020

United Kingdom, 2021 – SME News is thrilled to announce the winners of the annual Scottish Enterprise Awards.

It goes without saying that 2020 was a challenge, in more ways than one. Navigating the global pandemic alongside juggling uncertainty and keeping up to date with the latest news, businesses had a tougher time than most. Saying that, the Scottish entrepreneurial spirit has shown itself to be a tough beast indeed, weathering the storm of 2020 and emerging into the year ahead scarred but by no means beaten. A goliath of manufacturing and engineering, Scotland continues to grow and strengthen despite difficulty, with a future decidedly one of further growth and development.

Ultimately, the Scottish Enterprise Awards on SME News aims to shine a spotlight on the small businesses that display this interminable desire to succeed against all odds. To grow. To innovate. To improve. To change the future of business for the better.

Awards Coordinator Kaven Cooper took a moment to reflect on the winners recognised in the programme. “It is always a delight to interact with the winners of the Scottish Enterprise Awards. It is an honour to recognise businesses of all sizes who find success – more so this year than any other before. I offer a heartfelt and sincere congratulations to all of those recognised and hope you have a prosperous year ahead.”


Best Retail & Event Florists - Tayside

It is great to be the bearer of good news as your award stands as a testament to your excellence, commitment and dedication.


How You Were Chosen


Our independent judging panel takes note of all supporting documentation provided and supplied via nominees; this is compiled into a case file along with any other relevant information we might have on file. In addition, our dedicated researchers were also on-hand to prepare a case file on your behalf, via merit-orientated research into public domain sources. Awardees must be able to demonstrate expertise within their given field, dedication to client service and satisfaction, and commitment to excellence and quality.


This approach has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use and enforces Acquisition International's stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions to their industry and sector. 

A huge thank you to all our customers from the team at Something Special Flowers. It is you guys that keep us inspired when it comes to keeping ahead of the design trends and recognised for the work we love to do on every day.

SME Award Winner 2020 - Something Special Flowers