How to Order Flowers Online

22 September 2020

What do you want when you send flowers to friends and family?

Personally I would hope that I got a nice design using top quality fresh flowers and that all of my spend went to the florist that was creating my design, so that they could give the best value for my money.

What do you think?

 I would imagine that is something that we would all like.

But is it that simple to get what you want when ordering from a florist ONLINE?


YES it is!


The difficult bit is making sure you have actually got a real florists’ own web site and that you are dealing direct.

  1. We DON'T want to be paying an order gatherer (Middleman)
  2. We DON’T want to be paying a courier.


Lets use Blairgowrie as an example.

If we search the internet for “Flower delivery in Blairgowrie”

Do we get the local florist?

 It would appear that we have a big choice of local florists in Blairgowrie, yet we know, that is not true!

That fact is that most of the businesses listed, (Note: I didn’t refer to them as florists, as most are not  florists) have no connection with any florist in Blairgowrie.

Some say it is clever marketing! Well that clever marketing is paid for out of your spend on your flowers.

The marketeer then takes their cut and then will most likely send a conveyor belt design to your friends and family by courier van half the length of the country.

That lengthy journey by courier may also take its toll on your flowers, not to mention the carbon footprint which doesn’t help the environment.

All is not lost though.

The local florist will be listed if you scroll down just a little down the page or even onto the next page.

This is where you will get the very best service, freshness and unique designs.


If that florist happens to be a GOOD Florist Guide (GFG) member then you know that the florist has been invited into the Guide because they are one of the best around and that their service is regulated.

The British Florist Association is also a trademark to look out for (BFA)

Of course if you know the name of the florist you would like to use, then that helps greatly when searching, but again you do need to make sure you have that legitimate florist web site in your address bar, before making the commitment to order.

Don’t be duped by glossy images and any false information that may be given.

Why not try it for yourself using Blairgowrie as an example.

1. Type in “Florist delivery in Blairgowrie”

Something Special Flowers actually do not too badly in the search, but if you were from out of town and didn’t know the shop  name, then it would be too easy to just choose one of the first listed and go from there.

What we would like is for all your friends and family to check and make sure it is that is in the address bar at the top.

2 How about “ Florist delivery in Coupar Angus” or “Flowers delivered in Alyth” or “Flower delivery Rattray”


We cover all but similar results will appear with Something Special Flowers being pushed further down the list.

NOTE: in the address bar at the top



The message is:

 Wherever in the country you are sending your flowers.

  1.  Look out for the local florist, as that is where you will get best value
  2. Be extra careful that you have reached the correct web page before clicking.

Our team have been winning awards for their customer service, quality of product and bespoke designs for over 20 years and are proud to say Something Special Flowers is both a Good Florist Guide member and a British Florist Association member.

There are other florists just like us throughout the UK and that is where you will find the absolute best value for your pound when purchasing flowers.

Now that you have this valuable knowledge, I would encourage you to share with your family and friends, so that they too can enjoy the very best experience when ordering their flower delivery.



How to Order Flowers Online