Focus on Coupar Angus

05 March 2020


Coupar Angus is located only four miles from Blairgowrie in Perth and Kinross and our team are please to be known not only as the nearest florist to Coupar Angus, but as the towns local Award winning florist.

The name Coupar Angus serves to differentiate the town from Cupar, Fife.

The town was traditionally on the border between Angus and Perthshire, the town centre being in Perthshire.

In the Middle Ages the Cistercian Coupar Angus Abbey was one of Scotland's most important monasteries, founded by Malcolm IV (1153–65) in the 1160s. Of the abbey, only architectural fragments, preserved in the 19th-century parish church (which is probably on the site of the monastic church), or built into houses and walls throughout the town, survive, along with part of one of its gatehouses.

Today our team thrive on the opportunities to dress the Abbey for wedding ceremonies.

Call 01250 873237 for more information on our florist delivery to Coupar Angus 

We will be delivering in our own vans every day including every Mothers Day Sunday 

Focus on Coupar Angus