Best Drummer in the World meets best Florist in the World.

19 April 2018

Every now and then a request comes along that captures the imagination and get Jillian's creative juices running! 

As I (husband Stephen) sat enjoying a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden with a glass of wine, I got involved in a social media conversation about the upcoming tour of Rock band Rival Sons. Some of the bands fans had been planning to meet up for the Amsterdam leg of the bands tour and suggested that perhaps; as Amsterdam is the "flower capital of the world" that they should present the band with flowers. "I know the very person" said I and so the plans began.

This trip was one that will live in the memories for ever, as we made so many life friends  that we have connected with on various occasions since.

So the plan was hatched that Jillian would create a bouquet to be presented to the band.

Our first trip to Amsterdam and we were greeted by lovely sunny weather.

  A  gentle wander along  the canals, to the local flower market were Jillian selected lovely brightly coloured flowers and fantastic textures that would have a representation of the bands Album cover "Hollow Bones".

Back at the small hotel room; unknown to the staff, a work shop was created on the bed in our small basement room and Jillian set to work, weaving her magic. Jillian created an handtied bouquet, designed and wrapped in Brown paper so that the band's fans could all personalise it by writing their own little messages of good wishes.

What took Jillian by surprise and to her embarrassment, was that drummer Micheal Miley; (the bands drummer) had come out of the venue to receive the flowers and Jillian was thrust forward to present them.

Quite an moment, as this band has become affectionately known by some as "The Best Band in the World"

Needless to say the band went on to perform a fantastic set and the memories and friends made will live with us forever.

This all took place in 2016 and we returned to the same venue last year for a reunion 

This weekend we travel up to Inverness for a very Rock and Roll wedding of one of the bands most fanatic of fans and his wife to be, where Jillian will work her magic once again. This time as wedding florist.

Look out for the next exciting episode of this story on our return



Best Drummer in the World meets best Florist in the World.