DRIFT Handcrafted by Aidan

08 July 2019

DRIFT Handcrafted By Aidan.


The Silver City Range is made up from DRIFTwood sourced from the beaches at the mouth of the Silver City's Harbour. These beaches which are situated between the dolphin friendly waters of the North East and the historic Torry Battery are a constant source of DRIFTwood for the ranges creator, 14yr old student Aidan.

The DRIFTwood could come from the forests of the Scottish Highlands or much, much further afield. Only The North Sea can decide that. Once the DRIFTwood is gathered and dried it is then handcrafted to reveal the natural beauty within.

With only Aidan's vision, a simple coat of natural wax and of course the help of Mother Nature, The Silver City Range brings unique, beautiful tealight holders to you. DRIFT Handcrafted By Aidan, aims to bring you a product which would enhance any home with a bit of natural beauty.

Something Special Flowers are the EXCLUSIVE retail outlet for these unique works of natural art.

Let DRIFT Handcrafted By Aidan, bring a little bit of beauty and light into your lives.

DRIFT Handcrafted by Aidan