Interflora Resignation

26 November 2018

In order to provide the very best service, choice and quality of product we have taken the leap that many independent florists have taken recently and  resigned from the Interflora network.

We feel the system is outdated and our business creativity has been held back by the restrictions of being an interflora member holds.

Interflora are one of many services that are termed in  the industry as "Order Gatherers". ie they take the order, take their substantial monitory cut and then send the order to a florist in a particular area. Many of the sponsored listings that appear when searching for example: "florist in Blairgowrie" are working on the same principles.

It is our mission to make sure that all your friends and family aware that Something Special Flowers will continue to deliver your flower orders but not if ordered form the Interflora web site or any of the order gatherers web listings.

We feel this is a public awareness concern and  are looking to spread the word that if you want a personal service this Valentines day, then ordering direct at is the only way.

The alternative to our personal service, is flowers delivered by courier in a box and that is most likely what will be on offer from Interflora and the other Order Gatherers.

In recent weeks we have been reognised as one of the very best florists in the UK and have been listed in the GOOD FLORIST GUIDE 2018 as recognition of this. The accolade is like a Michelin Star for the Retail Florist Industry.


Interflora Resignation