Local Grown Flowers

06 July 2018

For those of us that are fortunate to have a garden and have just enough time to look after and develop it, this is a fantastic time of year. We have been blessed with the best summer weather for years and it is a joy to wind down after a hard day spreading joy by designing floral arrangements and delivering to your loved ones.

It is those happy smiles and fantastic reactions that make our jobs so valuable and fulfilling.

As keeping a florist shop in the main street becomes ever more challenging and the costs of importing flowers from Holland increasing, we have started looking more and more at British flowers which was highlighted by last week’s British Flower week.

We are now introducing varieties of flowers to our own garden that can be utilised in our shop and will be creating new designs in the coming years to compliment our own homegrown blooms.

The biggest challenge will be in growing the quality of flower which will have as good a life span as our imported stock. We currently stock only the very best quality, from the best growers for across the world and we could never compete with those experts.

We can however introduce a small and seasonal selection of flowers form our garden and ive had the pleasure of photographing some of them. Keep an eye on our news page and Ill keep you updated as to what is happening in Pagie’s garden.

PS I can’t wait to see our hydrangea come into bloom this year as it has taken over one of our borders. Watch this space of more photo’s

Local Grown Flowers